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Yellow Wild Flowers


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Making Dreams Come True

Meant To Be Guest House boasts an impeccable fusion of cleanliness and magnificence in its rooms, creating an unforgettable retreat for its guests. Each space is meticulously maintained, reflecting a commitment to hygiene and attention to detail. The rooms are designed with a touch of sophistication, harmonizing comfort with aesthetic appeal. From pristine linens to well-arranged furnishings, every element is thoughtfully curated to provide a sense of luxury. The ambiance is inviting, with a subtle charm that resonates throughout, making Meant To Be a haven where cleanliness meets magnificence for an enchanting stay.

Diverse Wildlife

At Meant To Be Guest House, nature takes center stage as the grounds teem with a diverse tapestry of wildlife, creating a unique and enchanting experience for guests. Towering giraffes grace the landscape, their graceful presence adding a touch of exotic wonder. Peacocks flaunt their vibrant plumage, adding bursts of color to the surroundings, while zebras roam freely, embodying a sense of untamed charm. The air resonates with the melodies of a vast bird life, creating a symphony of sounds that serenades the senses. At Meant To Be, the harmonious coexistence of giraffes, peacocks, boars, zebras and an array of bird species transforms the guest house into a haven where guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature's diversity.

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A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

At Meant To Be Guest House, the pool and communal areas beckon guests into a wondrous world of relaxation and social charm. The poolside atmosphere is a symphony of tranquility, where guests can unwind amidst the gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing sounds of cascading water. The communal area exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance, adorned with tasteful decor that invites conversation and connection. Whether lounging by the pool, sipping a refreshing drink, or engaging in lively conversations in the communal spaces.

Crocodile River

The Crocodile River, also referred to as Crocodile River (East), (Afrikaans: Krokodilrivier) is a large river traversing Mpumalanga province of South Africa. It is a tributary of the Komati River.

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